• All specimens must have been legally acquired and have necessary tags, permits, paperwork, etc.
  • Mount completion date not guarenteed without extra fee. Some mounts take more time to complete due to tanning time lines, excessive damage, manikin alterations, and other unknown factors. We do not cut corners. Mounts are complete when we are satisfied with the quality - long lasting quality.
  • All tanning done at owner's risk.
  • Dan's Taxidermy is not responsible for the loss of mounts beyond our control.
  • Extra charges for excessive damage or repairs.
  • 50% deposit unless payment plan has been arranged.
  • Service charges and storage charges will apply starting 10(ten) days after completion.
  • Mounts will be priced for sale after 30(thirty) days of completion.
  • $50.00 charge for any returned check, plus all collection fees.
  • We do offer no-interest payment plans to fit any budget.
  • All wild game will be processed at our discretion/