Every deer season, we offer a deer butchering service for people who don't want to skin or butcher their own game. The number of packages of meat you receive will vary with size and condition of the deer. Any wounded areas, spoiled meat, or contamination will be disposed of. The average deer yields 20-30 lbs of scrap meat used for grinding, and thirteen packages of assorted cuts consisting of two top round roasts, two bottom round roasts, two sirloin tips, six (1/3) loin packages, and one package containing both tenderloins. All cuts are thoroughly cleaned of fat and silverskin in order to produce a nice lean red meat without that gamey taste. All meat is frozen immediately after processing and remains frozen when you pick it up. Meat is usually ready to pick up within a few days after the date it was brought in.

This amazing service costs $100.00 per deer (caping is included, this is usually $40+ at other businesses). We also offer the service of grinding your scrap meat for $1.00 per lb.

Be sure to wash, drain, or wipe the interior of the cavity, removing all blood or gutshot residue. This will taint the meat. If warm weather prevails, ice down your deer insie and out for rapid cooling. This prevents that "gamey" taste. Local huners use my walk-in freezer for a "rapid chill".

During deer season, we buy hundreds of deer hides and cape-ends that will be utilized for leather purposes. If you do not plan on doing anything with your extra deer hides and cape-ends, we will buy them from you. Prices vary with size, condition, and market. Allow hides to cool off before bagging them. Keep hides frozen to prevent spoilage. Salting is not necessary.

Dan is a certified Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club measurer.

We have a variety of items up for sale, from hunting equipment to home d├ęcor. We have several mounts, furs, skulls, and antlers that are up for sale, as well as other things such as collectable prints, and hunting & fishing gear. For hunting deer, we carry an unbeatable line of deer mineral created by Bradigan's Wildlife Feeds that promotes strong bones, heavier racks, and overall healthy deer. We also carry genuine doe urine for the rut.

Bradigan's Deer Mineral

We have been selling this product since 1989. My customers have taken hundreds of Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett bucks, a few of these are over 200 inches! Call for pricing - quantity discounts!

We have a beautiful log cabin, newly remodeled, on Butternut Lake near Park Falls, WI. The lake is 1006 aces with 50"+ muskies (2.3 muskies per acre) and 30" walleyes (6 walleyes per acre) caught in front of the cabin. There are plenty of 12" perch and 13" carpies. There are also plenty of wolves, waterfowl and the grouse hunting is world-class, since it is located in the "Grouse Capitol of the World". Lots of bear, deer, bobcat and our state's elkherd are also nearby. Over 1 million acres of public land is available for hunting, trapping, fishing, etc. There are endless miles of ATV and snowmobile trails there for your enjoyment.

The cabin features a full kitchen with refrigerator, electric stove, microwave, coffee pot, dishes and utensils.

Two cozy bedrooms with bunk beds in each room, full carpeting, and electric baseboard heat.

There is one bathroom with a fully tiled shower and radiant floor heat.

We also include a flat screen TV with DVD player, and a large 12' by 25' deck faces the lake. The roof overhangs the picnic table on the deck, so rain is not a problem when you want to grill your meals outside. Next door you will find a full service restaurant and bar.

Please call Dan for more info and rates.